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Sponsors & Contributors

Amelia Island Opera gratefully acknowledges our many contributors for their financial support. Your gifts help drive our mission to enrich the cultural fabric of the greater Amelia Island community, elevate the voices of emerging artists, and explore alternative mediums of performance. 

Listed gifts were received between June 1, 2022 - April 27, 2024. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of our donor listings. If we have misspelled or omitted a name or you would prefer to not be listed online, please accept our apology and notify us at

(904) 556-7342​ or so that we may update our records accordingly. 

Beverly B. Arnold

Atlantic Properties International

Isabel Xan Bacarella

Patricia Baker

Susan Barry & Gerald Custer 

The Burroughs Family Foundation

Judge R. Violet Bennett

Kathleen Boling

Francesco and Amanda Borghese

Paul C. Bosland

Sue Ann Braddock

Lucy Reid Bryan

Linda R Casey

Jeanne Conner

Victoria Coward

Mariann Weihenmayer and Curtis Dahl

Peter Deane

Stephanie Denkowicz

Richard and Tina Devoe

John and Delia Drake

Jack and Diane Duffy

Sarah James Edwards

Joyce Ellenson

Claire Ellis

Sally & William Ericksen

Virginia "Gigi" Feazell

John and Caryl Ferry

Ron and Lisa Flick

Dan Groth and Frances Peters

Thomas J. Harper

Todd A. Hawley

Donna Haynes

Ronald and Barbara Heymann

William and Dolores Higginbotham

Shelley and Jeff Hirshberg

Katherine Hoehn

Prudence D. Hostetter

Michael Isernia

Mark and Donna Kaufman

Brenda C Kayne

Joanna Kenard

Scott Kessler

Thomas and Loraine King

Robert and Amy Laidlaw

Alwynne Lamp

Sarah Lamp

Robin Lashley

Ji Yung Lee

Maya LoCastro

Brian A. Loftus

Patricia Wescott Lowe

Roderick Matthews

Joseph and Dawn Mayes

Alissa Myatt

Ellen Myers

Gary and Toni Myers

Anne Oman

Charles and Pat Panella

Beth Partleton

Len and Lynne Pelletiere

Steve and Lucille Ramsey

Elizabeth A. Rawson

Anita and Vance Renfroe

Richard Restiano

Jeffrey Rogers

Jeannie and David Scheininger

Suzanne and Doug Schiffman

Dr. Paul J. Schilling

Dr. and Mrs. Conrad Sharps

Judy Skaggs

Claudia Smith

Sandra Sproat

Judith Steinmeyer

Millie J. Stevenson

Robert E. & Patricia M. Stichweh

Marlene C. Strobach

Susan B. Walsh

Bryan & Karen Tabler

Nancy Tarbis

Don and Anne Teddlie

John Tibbetts I

Christine Tibbetts

Dr. Harry and Jan Turner

Sherilyn Van Orden

Nancie L Waldron

Susan B. Walsh

Michael Miron Waskew

Marjean Wegner

Thomas Whittemore

Donald and Janet Wilkerson

Mary Williams

Robert Zingle

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